Tales Of Panchatantra - Hindi

  • The Goat and The Fox
  • Looks Don't Count
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Age Ratings : All Ages Molly jumps into a ditch to fetch a ball, but gets stuck inside. That's when her trusted guide, Vaayu rescues her and narrates the story of 'The Goat and The Fox', about how an unsuspecting goat jumps into a well, heeding the advice of a cunning fox and falls prey to his trick._x000D_ Gobby is convinced that the crow he sees is, in fact, a cuckoo. His friends try to convince him, but he only realises the truth when the bird caws. Vaayu then narrates to him the story called 'Looks Don't Count', about how a donkey manages to cover himself up with a lion's skin but is unable to fool everyone.