Tales Of Panchatantra - Hindi

  • The Washerman's Donkey
  • The Goose With The Golden Egg
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Age Ratings : All Ages Molly gets late for a party because she listens to every friend's advice on what she should wear. Vaayu then narrates to her the story of 'The Washerman's Donkey', where a silly, people-pleasing washerman tries to heed every advice he gets and ends up making a fool of himself. _x000D_ A bird gives Gobby one fruit every day. But one day, greed takes over him and Gobby flings the fruit at the bird while asking for more and scares it away. That's when Vaayu narrates to him the story of 'The Goose With The Golden Egg', where a greedy man cuts open a goose that lays one golden egg a day, only to regret his actions later.