Yamraj Calling Season 02

  • Episode 1 - Gulabi Jindagi
  • Episode 001
  • 14m : 22s

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Amar Mehta has completely changed now. He has adopted the mantra of less work and more fun. He has also bought a bungalow on the beach in Porbandar. He has gone to Delhi for an interview because Abhi wants to join Symphony Academy. Suddenly it comes to know that Bapuji felt dizzy and fell down. Immediately Bapuji is taken to the hospital and the reports reveal that Bapuji has a brain tumor. Amar tension comes. Amar feeling shocked because operation has required 15 lakhs rupees which he haven’t . in USA. There are lot of ups and downs. Another slice of a life family drama which will keep the audiences intrigued.