Yamraj Calling Season 02

  • Episode 7 - Jadibuti
  • Episode 007
  • 36m : 37s

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The next day he talks to his mind and the mind gives him a solution, Amar goes to Parva’s house and talks to his parents and the whole matter is solved beautifully here. Then it comes to know that Bapuji gets dizzy and becomes unconscious. Amar and all the people in the house get tensed and it is decided that Bapuji will be operated tomorrow. When Amar asks the writer for the money for the operation, he says that I will give you the money tomorrow. The next day, when Amar sees the writer, the writer is missing from the house. Amar tries to find him a lot but he can’t and here mansi also get to know about the truth. Finally, Bapuji is taken to the hospital, Amar requests the doctor to start Bapuji’s operation, he will arrange the money, but the doctor does not agree to do so. Finally, Amar arranges the money, but the doctor says no. Bapuji’s operation will now be free of charge and that too with the best treatment. Amar wonders why this is so? Then the doctor says that he does not know the reason but this is the order of our owner. Amar goes to meet the owner of the hospital and when he goes to the cabin, the writer who is his friend at his house is sitting on the owner’s seat in front of him.Amar sees it again and thinks again, but here owner open up the whole things. He says that he is not a writer but he is the owner of this hospital. He had a lot of problems in his life, he was constantly under tension regarding his home and family and finally he decided to commit suicide but that’s when saw an interview of Amar Mehta and felt that if there is such a man then he can get the solution of his life from him. And that’s why he came to stay with Amar Mehta to know the truth. He says that he learned a lot from Amar Mehta’s life. is and only through that he will live his life. Amar Mehta says that the key to living life is bigger than that and that is to meet yourself. Your own mind always shows the right path. Whenever there is pain or tension, talking to yourself is the solution.