Vaat Vaat Ma Returns

  • Vaat Vaat Ma Returns EP 1 - Melaap
  • Episode 001
  • 17m : 04s

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Swayam had a dream of his marriage with Pahel. When he woke up a phone rang and someone was giving a warning to him that his marriage will not be accomplish. Swayam and Pahel decides to talk to Milan Bhai about their marriage and they straight went to his house. Milan bhai gives the idea to marriage now at the nearest temple and they have started shopping of marriage and on the other side Swayam’s dad enter the house of Swayam’s and Pahel.


Malhar Thakar,Puja Joshi,Chetan Daiya,Krupa Pandya,Kalpesh Patel,Morli Patel,Nirav Parmar.

Directed By

Kartaviya Shah

Content Advisory

Marriage Drama