Vaat Vaat Ma Returns

  • Vaat Vaat Ma Returns EP 4 - Vachan
  • Episode 004
  • 23m : 41s

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The episode starts with a music of a flute. It was Sharad who was playing a flute. Sharad was in his mood and suddenly a voice of fighting ascending and it was Harji who was brawling with a society member because that person said bad things about his vehicle called Chakdo. Harji was so fond of his vehicle that he cannot here anything against it. And that guy dare to say and Harji hit a stick in his stomach. In the society meeting Swayam has to apologise to everyone. Later Harji says you should talk to Meena she is good girl and she sets a meeting with her on Zoom Call. Again he straight went to Milan bhai for advice and he said you shuld constantly keep a person with Harji bhai your dad.


Malhar Thakar,Puja Joshi,Kalpesh Patel,Morli Patel,Nisharg Trivedi,Nirav Parmar,Chetan Daiya,Krupa Pandya,Dhaval Pandya,Kinjal Rajpriya.

Directed By

Kartaviya Shah

Content Advisory

Marriage Drama