Vaat Vaat Ma Returns

  • Vaat Vaat Ma Returns EP 5 - Ame Gujarati
  • Episode 005
  • 20m : 57s

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Episode start with a sack bag. Harji thought it is a bomb so he started hitting a bag but it was Milan Bhai who comes out of bag. On the other side Savitri, Pahel, Swayam and Milan’s wife is watching everything from the other place through CCTV camera. Swayam calls his father that he is Don of south India and Pahel, Savitri and me swayam is kidnapped so don’t dare to have a fight with him, otherwise he will not let go us. Bur Harji didn’t get frightened and he made Milan Bharatnatyam and even gives shocks with a wire. In the amidst of this, Harji discovered that Milan is gujarati Harji takes him into bathroom and beat him incessantly .


Malhar Thakar,Puja Joshi,Kalpesh Patel,Morli Patel,Nisharg Trivedi,Chetan Daiya,Krupa Pandya.

Directed By

Kartaviya Shah

Content Advisory

Marriage Drama