Waiting Lounge

  • Sanket As Kailash & Sugandha As Lata Didi - Part 2
  • Episode 012
  • 07m : 29s

    Audio: English

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Watch various filmy celebrities arriving at this Waiting Lounge to have a hilarious conversation. In this episode, conversation between Kailash (Sanket Bhosle) and Lata Didi (Sugandha Mishra) continues in the lounge. Kailash forcefully makes Lata Didi listen to his song and talks to her about his poor lifestyle, while Lata Didi invites him to sing with her at a fusion show. Enjoy watching the show and have a great laughing time!


Sanket Bhosle,Sugandha Mishra

Directed By

Pankaj Saraswat