Screen Legends

  • Screen Legends - Meena Kumari Part 1
  • Episode 025
  • 18m : 21s

    Audio: Hindi

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It is said that when Madhubala smiled, the audience smiled and when Meena Kumari cried, the audience too cried. Meena Kumari could make even the strong-hearted shed a tear or two with her sensitive and emotional portrayals. Regarded as the greatest “Tragedy Queen” of Indian Cinema, Meena Kumari’s life was pervaded by tragedies, right from the day she was born. She was left in an orphanage by her father till he repented and got her back. When little girls of her age were indulged in toys and studies, Baby Meena was making rounds of film studios to help her family overcome financial crisis. Screen Legends Meena Kumari Part 1 focuses on her childhood and her initial breakthrough in the industry along with some of her awesome performances and scenes.


Meena Kumari

Directed By

Jai Shah