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  • Screen Legends - Rajendra Kumar Part 1
  • Episode 032
  • 19m : 57s

    Audio: Hindi

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Presently we talk about a film’s success based on its box-office collection like 100 Cr, 200 Cr, 500 Cr etc. But before the multiplex era, the barometer of a film’s success was based on the number of weeks it ran in Cinemas which was known as a ‘Jubilee’ – Silver, Golden, Diamond, Platinum and so on. And the man responsible for several such jubilees was none other than Rajendra Kumar, populary known as ‘The Jubilee Kumar’. Initially dubbed as ‘The Poor Man’s Dilip Kumar’, Rajendra Kumar successfully created a place for himself in an era dominated by the giant trio of Dev – Dilip – Raj and gradually went past them in box office celebrations. It was not just his luck but his hard work, dedication, his amazing sense to judge a script and his ear for good music that helped him achieve this. Screen Legends – Rajendra Kumar Part 1 discusses his eventful journey along with showing some of his beautiful performances through scenes and clips.


Rajendra Kumar

Directed By

Jai Shah

Content Advisory

Narrative Life Stories,Yesteryear Stars