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  • Screen Legends - Sanjeev Kumar Part 3
  • Episode 052
  • 19m : 49s

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Always considered as one of the most versatile actors of Hindi cinema, Sanjeev Kumar consistently lived up to the expectations of both, the filmmakers and the audience. His aura even inspired filmmakers from the South to remake their films in Hindi with him. One such film was ‘Naya Din Nayi Raat’, wherein Sanjeev played nine different characters based on the ‘Navrasas’. In fact, Dilip Kumar who was first approached for the film recommended Sanjeev’s name who played it with so much conviction and sincerity. While he was first-rate in comic roles, he was outstanding in his intense roles of ‘Aandhi’, ‘Mausam’ and as Thakur in ‘Sholay’. Ironically, the actor who played so many 50+ characters in films could not cross the age of 50 in real life. SCREEN LEGENDS Sanjeev Kumar Part 3 concludes the story of one of India’s best actors but not before discussing his romantic life and bachelorhood. And above all, unmissable are the clips and scenes showcasing Sanjeev Kumar’s extraordinary talent.