Screen Legends

  • Screen Legends - Shatrughan Sinha Part 1
  • Episode 077
  • 26m : 52s

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"With his stylish dialogue delivery and powerful presence, he made his debut as a villain. However, his increasing popularity made filmmakers cast him in lead roles soon. He was the one who made others ‘Khamosh’ with his superb performances. He is none other than SHATRUGHAN SINHA. Those cut marks on his face and his stylish gestures became his identity and got him a wide fan base. Known with different names like ‘Bihari Babu’ or ‘Shotgun’, Shatrughan Sinha developed his own path and cemented a place for himself in industry amidst tough competition with other actors. At the same time, he never hesitated to work with other heroes or in multi-starrers as he was always confident and knew that he won’t be overshadowed by others. ‘Prove yourself better than the best or at least try and be different from the rest’ has been Shatrughan’s mantra from the beginning. How did he get his first break? Why was his family called the ‘Ramayana’ family? Watch Screen Legends - Shatrughan Sinha Part 1 to know more about Shotgun Sinha and enjoy some of his larger-than-life screen appearances.